Let us build you a peak performing team...

Bespoke Recruitment Assignments


We have 15 years' experience resulting in over 500 hires over that period, finding Senior Candidates for Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing and Intellectual Property (EPAs and Litigation Lawyers).


We work closely with hiring managers to ensure a creative approach to finding the ideal Candidate.  Preferred Candidates are tested for Emotional Intelligence  factors and Resilience ensuring this is a long-term, productive relationship for all parties.



Leadership Skills


Recent data published suggests that only 10% of the managers in the UK have been on a training course to learn Leadership skills.  Data also suggests that people leave a business due to poor management, and they stay longer than planned if a leader is using EQ, Emotional Intelligence as well as IQ. New managers, promoted from a technical background are frequently 'thrown in at the deep end'.  Technical ability does not ensure good managment of people.  View my courses today and give your people a head start!

Strengthening your team


We provide team building workshops where we work with your teams to encourage their engagement with your company to increase productiviy and profit. Team work will enforce a strong loyal workforce, specifically good to protect against high staff turnover.


Our courses include Resilience and Mindfulness training, negotiation and communication skills.  These are particularly good for those team members who need to build their confidence and skill set to excel at a higher level.