CV and Interview Skills

Who is it for?


Getting a new job is probably the hardest part of any career.  Whether you want promotion, a job after graduation, a new direction or a role after redundancy Career Coaching is the way forward.


15 Years in Recruitment and interviewing 300+ people a year combined with coaching skills has taught me how to play the market.  I can teach you!

What is it about?


This workshop or 1:1 sessions will give you the edge in a competitive marketplace. We will work together to set your career goals, then do an impactful CV re-write followed by interview skills training.

Learn how to think like an employer in any given scenario.

Learn how to side-step in your career for greater gain later ( like a knight in chess, not the pawn.)

What will I get out of it?


  • Potential for an increase in earnings

  • Confidence in interview situations

  • The ability to negotiate a good package

  • A new direction in career choice

  • Possibly a transition into own business