Resilience Training

Who is it for?


Resilience coaching is for us all, whether the current challenges are work related or personal.  The emphasis is on prevention rather than cure-the philosophy is more bounce-forward like a slinky rather than bounce back.  


 Organisations and individuals face a number of risks and threats at work that include the consequences of the economic climate and the ripple effect that has on the workforce, individuals and their families. Building resilience will help ensure that your workforce is motivated, engaged, committed and maintains performance through periods of uncertainty and change.Resilience is about building and strengthening attitudes towards adverse events that produce a personal capacity to tolerate events without experiencing symptoms of personal stress.

What is it About


WellBeing and Performance depend on you having a clear purpose, feeling in mental control, and recognising that change often provides an opportunity for your personal development and improved performance.

Despite the popular image, Resilience and Mindfulness is not simply about relaxation. It’s a process that creates a clear presence of mind that helps you focus more effectively on what matters most. It helps to get more done, more easily, more effectively and more enjoyably.

Learn how to:

  • get an immediate boost in personal WellBeing and Performance, whenever you need it;

  • help people you manage attain and remain in the zone of sustainable high performance;

  • create a culture that sustains higher levels of both WellBeing and Performance.










What will I get out of it?


Resilience Masterclass Programme Content:

Primary prevention is about preventing stress from occurring in the first place.

  • Resilience is about preventing potentially stressful events causing a stressful reaction in individuals.

  • Resilience focuses on the individual, and strengthening resilience enables the individual to tolerate and cope with adverse events more easily, without reducing performance at work.

  • Strengthening resilience is about strengthening personal psychological immunity against adverse events.

  • Resilience is a process to create robust attitudes towards adverse events.

Resilience is not a personality trait, although some personalities gravitate to workplaces and jobs they feel more comfortable doing, and, therefore, pre-dispose themselves to being resilient in those situations, which others might find challenging.

Helping others to strengthen their resilience requires an understanding and fluency in the underlying psychological principles.