Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Who is it for?


New and existing managers who want to lead with  impact and influence to develop their skill set and achieve KPIs and personal goals more easily. 


What is it about?


Understand the 5 major components of Emotional Intelligence, where you excel already and where you might need development.  The 5 major components are: self-perception; self expression; stress management; decision making and interpersonal skills.  When all are in alignment you have a creative and productive day, allowing you to leave the office in a timely manner to enjoy other aspects of life-true life balance.Identifying the 5 components of Emotional Intelligence.

This impact training will provide you with techniques to lead, inspire and motivate others in your sphere of influence.

What will I get out of it?


  • Develop your EI to build leadership credibility.

  • Achieve Boardroom impact

  • Achieve personal presence and influence across your business

  • Represent your function with impact

  • Behavioural strategies for delaing with boardroom and other personalities

  • Thinking strategically on your feet