Time Management

Who is it for?


All of us who want to improve self-management.  Personal organisation and the ability to say 'no' with assertion rather than aggression is key to managing self in this corporate world of constant demands and distractions: namely email, phone calls, senior management and colleagues.

What is it about?


Firstly an understanding of your own Working Style and how it affects your abiity to open and close projects-even without distractions.

Secondly, how to spot the working style of others and how it affects you and the project goals.

Thirdly how to improve prioritisation, set boundaries-finish the job.

What will I get out of it?


  • The ability to get the most out of your working and personal life

  • More free time in order to apply creative strategic thinking to important business improvements

  • Delegation skills

  • How to seek 'value for time' like 'value for money'.

  • An action plan to encourage self-discipline and sustained improvements.